The Album with Veljo Tormis’ Reworks Will Be Released

The album The Law of Conservation of Song (“Laulu jäävuse seadus”) with Veljo Tormis’ reworks will be released. New album The Law of Conservation of Song will be presented by the record label Ulmeplaadid on Thursday, 1 October at 7 pm at Von Krahl Theatre on Plektrum Festival. New versions of Veljo Tormis’ works will be performed by Kirtana Rasa, Jaan Pehk, Taavi Tulev, Eva Mitreikina, Kadi Uibo and Paavo Eensalu. Veljo Tormis will be there. Entrance is free of charge. The presentation in Tartu will take place on 23 October at Genialistide Klubi.

The prologue of compiling an album from the remixes of works by Veljo Tormis harks back to the year 2007 when Tormis was the festival composer of Estonian Music Days and it brought up ideas on how to unite the realms of academical and non-academical music. A number of artists were set on course with a task to create new music based on Tormis’ works. They were further inspired by some seminar-like meetings with composer: Veljo Tormis introduced the background of his works and in turn took interest in musicians’ approaches to processing his works. Many musicians had no earlier experience with choir music or ethno music; in some cases that kind of innocence has given rise to most unique syntheses.

As in Tormis’ music, so on the album The Law of Conservation of Song, runo song or regi song (the ancient folk song of Estonians and other Finnic peoples) is the most essential element. And the emphasis is not on pure runo song but on (repeatedly) processed runo song that reflects our current or recent living environment more adequately than its traditional form would. The compilation includes remixes of works by Veljo Tormis from the years 1950 to 1991.

Based on Veljo Tormis’ oeuvre, new soundscapes are created on the record The Law of Conservation of Song by Tõnis Leemets, Kirtana Rasa, Marsen Jules (Germany), Kadi Uibo, Taavi Tulev, Pastacas, Muschraum, Uku Nurk, Eva Mitreikina, Aivar Tõnso, 3 Pead, Pia Fraus, Tiiu Kiik or Bongirl, Jaan Pehk and Algorütmid.

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