New Ochestral Work by Mirjam Tally in Malmö

On 18 November, the new orchestral work Spring: Hommage à Joseph Haydn by Mirjam Tally will be premiered in Malmö Palladium. The work will be performed by Malmö Chamber Orchestra and members of Contemporary Ensemble, conducted by Alexander Einarsson.

According to Mirjam Tally, the premiere will take place at kind of Haydn-evening where hopefully all the 104 Haydn symphonies will be performed in one concert (it will be a  surprise, how this would succeed). Four composers – Stefan Klaverdal, Anna Eriksson, Daniel Hjorth and Mirjan Tally – have received an assignment to use one certain Haydn symphony and its certain movement. Mirjam’s work is derived from 2nd Movement of Symphony No. 44 although the original slow character of it has changed a bit. References to other Haydn symphonies can be found from the concert interludes. And there is also a sound installation Copying Haydn build up on Haydn symphonies where even the audience can join in.

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