In Spe Concerts in Tallinn and Tartu

In Spe, the ensemble initiated by Erkki-Sven Tüür, will perform again 30 years after starting in 1979. The ensemble performs with all the musicians that were initially included in In Spe: Erkki-Sven Tüür, Anne Tüür, Mart Metsala, Toivo Kopli, Arvo Urb, Riho Sibul and Peeter Brambat; the concert line up additionally includes friends Jaanus Nõgisto, Jaak Tuksam and Lauri-Dag Tüür. The concerts will take place on 7 December at 8 pm in the small house of Theatre Vanemuine, Tartu, and on 9 December at 8 pm in the grand hall of Puppet Theatre, Tallinn.

’In spe (in hope in Latin) gave its first concerts in Tallinn, in the hall of TPI (now Tallinn University of Technology) in December of 1979. It was a reformation: Riho Sibul came to play the guitar and Arvo Urb played the drums. The previous band before In Spe was called Esra and that was led by me and Mart Metsala, my course mate from Georg Ots Music School, since 1977. Anne who was invited to the band as a very talented pianist and not as my girlfriend was from the same school as well. We were forced to start from tabula rasa by the endless confirmation of the programs and the suspecting paranoia from KGB. Anyhow, the time of In Spe was the best creative laboratory for me as a beginning composer. But this especially warm feeling of being sympathizers and taking care of each other as friends; also the indescribable atmosphere both in rehearsals and concerts was even more important. Strangely, as if we had fallen into a time capsule, we experienced it again at the Tartu Music Days this spring. So we decided to come together one more time in the winter and share the joy of playing music together with all of you who were not in Tartu in the springtime… or those of you who wish to come along to our joint journey once again.’ (Erkki-Sven Tüür)

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