Jüri Reinvere Requiem Released

On 1 February, the CD+DVD compilation Requiem by Jüri Reivere will be released. Requiem is written for solo flute, four male voices and narrative text by Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere who lives in Berlin. The poetic text written by Reinvere in English focuses on man and time, humans continuous and merciless meeting with loss and disembarkation from the labyrinth of losses.

The fragile work is accompanied by a film (DVD), compiled from historical snapshots by Australian film director Catherine Jarvis. The film has been created from materials of Estonian Film Archive, perpetuated in 1911-1944. The last snapshots of this film visualize the life in Estonia just some months before Estonians’ world collided once and for all and the hope for the state of their own faded away for many years. This part of the film rises the issue of grief from person to society which also has a responsibility of coming out of its loss.

Requiem by Reinvere is a modern and idiosyncratic work that leans on the traditions of requiem. The work has an intensive and filosophical text and especially intimate texture that does not involve great sound massives nor dramatic scenes. Reinvere chooses the adversative concepts of life and death, black and white, the freezing of memories and the melting of freedom to express the grief and ruin.

Reinvere created the memory of Estonia with an international team consisting of people mostly having no previous relation to Estonia. Requiem was premiered in March 2009 in Helsinki.

Requiem and the additional funeral motet on the CD was peformed by Helen Bledsoe (flute, USA/Germany), Catherine Jarvis (narrator and director, Australia), Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and its singers Aarne Talvik, Toomas Tohert, Rainer Vilu and Mikk Üleoja (conductor). The texts for both works have been written by Reinvere. The Estonian subtitles for DVD are translated by Doris Kareva. The booklet contains an essay The Art of Grieving by Sofi Oksanen (Finland) and the analysis by Gerhard Lock (Germany/Estonia), both written on the basis of Reinvere’s Requiem. The compilation has been designed by Marjaana Virta.

Between Requiem and funeral motet, Reinvere has also created a soundscape merging sounds of everyday, life and death from Estonia in 2009, recorded in Prangli island, Hageri retirement home, Tallinn maternity hospital and elsewhere.

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