Spectacle with Music by Margo Kõlar Premiered in France

On Sunday 24 January, a musical spectacle Ilmatar, Song of the Origins (Ilmatar, le chant des origines) will be premiered in France (Guebwiller, Alsace). The spectacle was adapted for stage by Lionel Parlier and Marti Ilmar Uibo, based on Finnish national epos Kalevala and using the metric translation by Jean-Louis Perret. Uibo is also the artistic and musical director of the play, the music has been written by Estonian composer Margo Kõlar.

Several participants of this spectacle are both narrators and singers, but they also play instruments such as zither, jouhikko, violin, flute, bagpipe and percussions. Among contributors of this musical play, there are both Estonian and Finnish embassies in Paris.

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