Weekend at the Pärnu Days of Contemporary Music

At the Weekend (On 22 to 24 January), there are presentational events at the joint festival of Pärnu Days of Contemporary Music and Printmaking In. The program includes a seminar on the terminology of contemporary music and dance (22 January), also a Symposium on skolastika and Brian Ferneyhough (23 January). These events are followed by a discussion (24 January).

At the seminar on the terminology of contemporary music and dance, the presenters include Maris Valk-Falk (Short terminological index of five words come-at-able at the essay by Ray Jackendoff & Fred Lerdahl The capacity for music: what is it, and what’s special about it?), Gerhard Lock and Kaspar Aus (How to verbalize choreomusical (music and dance) relationships?) and Heili Einasto (In search for new names of independent dance). The seminar will begin on 22 January at 11 am at the Parnu Artist House.

At the symposion SKOLASTIKA. Brian Ferneyhough Tiina Koivisto (On Brian Ferneyhough’s music and aesthetics), Märt-Matis Lill (On the position of music in middle-age world of thinking), Meelis Friedenthal (Skolastika as art of reading) and Marek Tamm (Skolastic way of thinking) will be speaking. The symposion starts on 23 January at 11 pm at the Parnu Artists House.

Sunday, 24 January will be filled with discussions at the cafe of Hotel Victoria. Pärnu Days of Contemporary Music + Printmaking In lasts from 9 to 31 January. More precise information can be found here.

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