Psalm of David Competition Won by Pärt Uusberg

At the closing concert on 10 February, the jury chose Pärt Uusberg with Psalm of David No. 121 to be the winner of the competion Psalm of David. Second Prize went to Mari Amor and her Jehovah Hath Reigned, He Hath Put on Glory and Third Prize to Martin J. Sildos (Psalm of David No. 146). The jury also decided to give out two special prices: to Tõnis Kaumann for By the Rivers of Babylon and Evelin Seppar for Psalm of David No. 88.

The jury consisted of Ene Üleoja, Veljo Tormis, Margo Kõlar, Ülo Krigul ja Iris Oja and Olav Ehala, the foreman of the jury. The closing concert of the competition turned out to be very crowded and Vello Salo gave his greetings from the Pirita Monastery to the participants and audience. Vello Salo was also one of the authors of the new translations of psalms, together with Indrek Hirv.

In addition to the songs that got prizes, Voces Musicales, conducted by Endrik Üksvärav performed three other new songs: Psalm of David No. 103 (for male choir) by Riivo Jõgi, Psalm 131 by Kristo Matson and Psalm of David: My Heart Is Not Proud by Liis Jürgens. The competition had 22 submissions. In addition to premieres, the concert included Psalms of David by Cyrillus Kreek.

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