Annual Awards of the Cultural Endowment

Annual Awards of the Cultural Endowment (in Estonian)


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Jüri Reinvere – for the premiere of the opera Purge at the Finnish National Opera
Margo Kõlar – heliteosega „Tornikellade laul“ ning elektronmuusika arendamise eest
Kristel Pappel – kaalukate artiklitega muusikateatrist


Sihtkapitali preemia

Timo Steiner – isikupärase uusooperi ning tõhusa tegevuse eest publitsistikas ja haridusmaastikul


Urmas Sisask – for mediating the love of the universe

Sihtkapitali preemiad

Urve Lippus – for building the musicological education
Jüri Reinvere – musical work Requiem


Annual Awards

The team of Estonian Sound Recordings 1939: Urve Lippus, Kadri Steinbach, Ilvi Rauna, Anu Sõõro, Tuuli Aule, Claus Byrith, Morten Hein – for making Estonian music history audible

Sihtkapitali preemiad

Raili Sule – for long and outstanding educational activity
Mirjam Tally – bright creative year


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Tiia Järg – educational activities and radio series in Klassikaraadio
Monika Mattiesen – for chamber opera DMeeter
René Eespere – for fertile creative activities



Veiko Õunpuu, Mart Taniel, Ülo Krigul, Katrin Kissa – the creative collective of the film of the year Autumn Ball
Jaan Rääts – for outstanding long-term creative activities

Sihtkapitali preemiad

Erkki-Sven Tüür – bright creative year
Ülo Krigul – successful creative year
Tiina Mattisen – compiling Estonian Bibliographical Lexicon of Music


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Timo Steiner and Ülo Krigul – for organizing the festival Estonian Music Days and advocating Estonian contemporary music
Sven Grünberg – for opening new directions in Estonian music life
Kustas Kikerpuu – for years of fertile activities as a composers, conductor and educationalist; also for the content-rich textbook of jazz harmony



Eino Tamberg – for educating several generations of composition students and for the distinguished input to Estonian music

Sihtkapitali preemiad

Tõnis Kaumann – creating music for the opera I, Napoleon
Alo Põldmäe – years of fertile educational activities and outstanding input to researching music history
Vardo Rumessen – organizing the anniversary festival Eduard Tubin and His Time; also compiling the book of same title
Olari Elts, Madis Kolk, Eskki-Sven Tüür, Tiiu Valper – continuous organization of NYYD festivals


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Kristel Pappel – for the research Opera in 19th Century Tallinn
Galina Grigorjeva – for the oeuvre of high level in 2004
Tõnu Kõrvits – for the musical works in 2004
Heljo Sepp – for long-time creative and educational activity
Helju Tauk – for the input to Estonian music culture


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Toivo Tulev – the oeuvre of 2003
Toomas Siitan – defending the doctoral thesis and book “Die Choralreform in den Ostseeprovinzen in der erster Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts: ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des protestantischen Kirchengesangs in Estland und Livland”
Erkki-Sven Tüür – CD-album “Exodus” and the creation of 2003
Rein Rannap – active concertlife
Anne Erm – promoting jazz life
Johannes Jürisson – music-edifying activities


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Eino Tamberg – stage work Mirror Games
Jaan Rääts – works Concerto for Five, Etudes for Three Guitars and Untitled Piece No. 4



Ester Mägi – upstanding input to Estonian music

Sihtkapitali preemiad

Mare Põldmäe – building up Estonian Music Information Centre and organizing Estonian Music Days
Jaan Ross – research The Temporal Construction of Estonian Runo Song with Ilse Lehistega
Toivo Tulev – violin concerto and resultful creative year



Heiki Ernits, Janno Põldma, Andrus Kivirähk, Regina Lukk-Toompere and Olav Ehala – the creators of affectionate and kindly funny animation film Lotte
Urve Lippus – compiling the book The Word Was Sung (“Lauldud sõna”) and musicological activity

Sihtkapitali preemiad

Jüri Reinvere – the victory at the international rostrum of composers in the category of composers aged under 30
Vaike Sarv – the doctoral thesis Setu Lamenting Culture


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Andres Uibo – outstanding concert activity, festival organization and introducing Estonian music
Anne Erm – festival Jazzkaar
Lepo Sumera – multimedia spectacle Heart Affairs
Raimo Kangro – opera Heart


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Madis Kolk – leader of festivals and concert series (NYYD, Klaver, Con Brio, Swedish Time, etc.)
Raimo Kangro – opera evening Uku and Vanemuine (rework of opera by K. A. Hermann) and opera Uku and Ecu
Eino Tamberg – for Symphony No. 4 and bright creative year
Peeter Vähi – mediating Estonian music to record companies Warner Classics, Finlandia Records, Erdenklang, Antes Edition Classics


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Igor Garšnek – music critics in Estonian journalism
Kristel Pappel – the book Music Theatre in Tallinn in the End of 18th Century and in the Beginning of 19th Century
Rein Rannap – idea of The Piano Comes to Visit


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Evi Arujärv – creating new qualities in music publicism and concert criticism
Raimo Kangro -creatively fertile and persistent year
Alo Ritsing – developing Tartu choral culture, honore for 60th birthday
Lepo Sumera – innovative musical approach in works Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Songs from Estonian Marriage Lyrics


Sihtkapitali preemiad

Urve Lippus – defending the first musicological doctoral thesis in Estonia
Andres Uibo – organizing Tallinn organ festival

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